Hosted Call Centre Solution

Small Medium Enterprises need to keep up with the high expectations of their clients and business partners. A responsive and efficient contact center has never been more important, clients expect immediate responses and judge you based on how fast you respond to and resolve their queries and problems.

At astervox, we know what makes a contact center work, we designed our contact center solution specifically to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow head on. Our contact center can be used as an inbound, outbound or blended solution. Take your business to the next level with our skill-based routing, automated call distribution ACD/Queue, advance reporting and CRM integration.


Reduced Operational Cost

All hardware and Software is hosted by Astervox and you pay only a fixed monthly subscription cost and call charges. No need to purchase or maintain anything else.

Real-time Agent Management

Our Real-time Dashboard provides you with Information and Intelligence on all your Agents and Queues (ACD’s)

Comprehensive Reporting

Our Powerful reporting engine allows you to create live reports at the click of a button

Remote Agents

Years into the VoIP revolution, call center managers are recognising that it’s not necessary, or even desirable, to have all their agents located in a single location.

High speed Internet access is nigh ubiquitous, allowing the modern call center floor to be distributed over multiple locations and even have home-based remote agents;

Astervox VX provides the tools to monitor the performance of each agent providing Enhanced Statistics, Listen In and Coaching functions as if the agents would be inhouse.

Quick Deployment , Advanced Features

Skill Based Routing

Match callers and their queries with the right person to handle their call and you will increase first contact resolution. This in turn enhances the professionalism and productivity of your company.

Call Recording

Your Call Center Manager can review calls at any time to ensure that all of your agents are compliant with your company’s quality standards.

Call Control

Full control over the call flow helps to ensure that every call goes smoothly.


Ensure that every interaction with your company is unique, professional and informative. Leave a lasting impression.

Unlimited Concurrent Calls

Maximize the number of simultaneous inbound and outbound calls, with unlimited concurrent calls.


Customizable IVR Options

Ensure that every call is directed to the right department. Our flexible IVR system will reduce call handling times and increase first contact resolution, saving your company time and money.

Data Storage Options

At Astervox we understand Personal Data Privacy and provide you with mulitple options to save your call recordings within your own infrastructure or at your cloud infrastructure. We directly integrate with Amazon S3 which provides you with unlimited affordable secure storage.


Reduced Call Charges & On demand Call Capacity

We provide SIP Trunks for small and large environments which are used for Call Cost Savings, Emergency Routes, Call Capacity as well Local and International DID and Toll free numbers with a choice of numbers in over 65 Countries.

Our SIP Trunks are compatible with a large selection of providers and Manufacturers.

Happy customers.

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