Why astervox? – Affordable, reliable and flexible communication for your business

Not all voice service providers are alike

While other providers put their effort and energy into providing single lines and cheap calls, Astervox was always focused on providing a fully managed and integrated solution for businesses of all sizes. Hosted voice & communication services are the core of Astervox. In addition we enhance our services by harnessing the experience gained from numerous enterprise unified communication & telephony deployments. What you get is a “future proof”, reliable, flexible and mobile communication service that is fully managed and maintained. With your enterprise voice and communication systems running smoothly, you will have more time to concentrate on your core business.

The Astervox cloud-based business phone system is both hosted and managed. This means that you do not need to have the phone system in your office. Instead, the phone system is located in secure data centers, we bear the responsibility for owning, configuring and managing your phone system for you. Astervox customers connect to their phones through standard internet connections and access a range of Astervox features every single day. The benefits of cloud-based phone systems are plentiful, and we encourage every business to consider the cloud. We replace both the phone system and Telco provider, providing you with a single invoice as well immediate access to our 24/7 customer support center.

making your phone system “smart” and your smart phone “smarter”

how can you tell, A smart phone system?

Astervox as a cloud-based solution is built to serve these requirements and connect your mobile work force with your stationary users in the office. Astervox ensures that callers can find you whether you are at the office, on the road or at home

With Follow –Me a user can create lists of numbers that he would like to be reached at (such as a mobile or home phones/ land lines) before sending an inbound call to the Astervox voice-mail. Find Me lists are more sophisticated than Call Forwarding because a user can configure the system to first ring the office phone, then after a number of unanswered rings, to ring a cell phone, then the home phone. This enables the use of mobile phones, without giving out mobile phone numbers. Ring All – Users can choose to ring multiple phones (perhaps desk and mobile phone) at the same time.